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Here's the scoop on Spumoni Press: We are interested in getting things accomplished for our clients, whether small or large. We offer a range of web development, book publishing and technology consulting options. If you're starting from scratch, we can determine a recipe that fits your needs. Or, if you're just in need of a minor item or two, Spumoni Press can figure out the perfect cherry for the top.


Our Services

If you're starting from scratch, we can determine a recipe that fits your needs. Or, if you're just in need of a minor item or two, Spumoni Press can figure out the perfect cherry for the top.

Web development

Whether your company sells tacks or trucks, we probably already have some experience in your vertical. For development, we use Drupal and Wordpress, which are industry-leading open source CMSs.

Book publishing

It takes a great deal of persistence to finish writing a book. But writing a book is the easy part - the tough part is selling it to the masses. We would be happy to pass along our experiences and potentially collaborate with the right authors.

Technology consulting

We want to help businesses, especially startups and non-profits, succeed. You may have a question or concern, and you don't know where to turn for assistance. Even if we cannot solve your problem directly, we might be able to help.

Our Portfolio

Here's a sample of some of our recent work.

Line Height

Line Height is the creative outlet of Brad Samuelson (me), a cartoonist and web developer. I have used my unique mix of skills to help clients and push personal projects in fun and innovative directions.

Lakewood Elementary School

The mission of Baltimore's Lakewood Elementary School is to ensure our young scholars are exposed to various experiences, activities, and circumstances through make-believe play and real-world interactions.


Ramblings, rants and random stuff by author and web developer Ben Woods

Change Log

The adventures of a canine technology blogger and his software developer roommate.

Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Thinkers ready to navigate our world. Creating extraordinary learning experiences that inspire the thoughtful, courageous, compassionate citizen in every child.

Civil Warbler

Coming Soon! A bird with etiquette and a penchant for techno music.


Spumoni Press has several books on its label, with others always in the works.

Solving Problems

The caimans’ new store is the talk of the town. But with success comes navigating the speed bumps along the way. Have no fear – Raymond and Damon are always up for the challenge, whether they are finding a recipe, picking the right color, just doing laundry or investigating a peculiar mystery at their favorite place - a party, of course!

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The Surprise Visit

Raymond and Damon are busy with many orders these days. Their friend Clara stops by the shop with an urgent request. Will the caimans be able to help her before time runs out?

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The Special Delivery

Raymond and Damon are not typical caimans. Sure, they look like small alligators, and they are fierce - at baking cakes, making paint and selling their great wares at affordable prices.

Today is a “special” day for Raymond and Damon. Let’s ride along with them and find out more about their delivery adventure!

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Near the Wind

Cutlass Jim Long was a slave, a pirate, a liberator, a captain, and now runs a legitimate shipping company that totally doesn't smuggle stolen goods for pirates in the golden age of piracy. Along with his good friend Mr. Crew, a mute black rhino, they've built a reputation as the most reliable and discreet shipping service in the Caribbean.

Near the Wind

Change Log: Version 1.0

This hilarious comic strip collection takes a satirical spin through today's technology while poking fun at all that goes into our modern plugged-in lives.

Follow Sam and his tech savvy roommate Miles (who happens to be a talking dog) as they try to survive the worlds of tech journalism, software development, dog stereotypes and pop culture. Fully Charged with techie nuances, it's the perfect book to power down with at the end of the day.

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Gnonsense - An As the Grass Grows collection

As the Grass Grows follows the adventures of a neurotic yard gnome named Gnorm, who is convinced he's the only thing standing between his home and utter annihilation.

In this first collection of the online comic strip, Gnorm and his faithful sidekick, Jack, must do whatever is necessary to defend their yard. Whether it's an invasion of ants from below, birds from above or a strike that could destroy the gnomish way of life, no threat is too dangerous or too ridiculous.

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Corporate Ties

Jason Harris has found the perfect job as a web developer with a Fortune 500 financial subsidiary. He meets his cool and quirky coworkers and even scores a date with an Indian princess/database administrator. But due to “organizational restructuring,” the parent company announces that all employees at Jason's location are being relocated to corporate headquarters in another state.

The men and women in suits arrive to document the documents, proactivate the buzzwords, and cage the project managers. Is the job really worth it? And why exactly do people give up their independence to become company drones?

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The Developers

The Developers mixes the insane and obscene with technology, romance and pop culture. But while the book's web development group tries to make its mark on the virtual world, it encounters pre-eminent issues that will soon be shaping the Internet of the future: Are individuals losing their remaining privacy due to the World Wide Web? Will online social interaction eventually replace in-person gatherings as a necessary means?

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